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We believe in growing our business sustainably and responsibly and so Dorier have been a signatory to the United Nations Global Compact, the world’s largest corporate responsibility initiative, since 2007. To integrate our values into our procurement and operational processes we launched our Dorier Code of Business Ethics in 2013 to share our commitments with our suppliers and ask for their support in responsible business practices.

Guided by these principles, we support our local community by providing our expertise, time, equipment and staff to support selected charitable events and NGO’s at no cost.

IRP  –  Bal du Printemps



Established in 1999 on the initiative of Erika Wanner, the Bal du Printemps is more than just a social event. Organized every year in Geneva on March 21, the first day of spring at the Hotel President Wilson, it opens the charity season of events in Geneva and has become a tradition. Its success is measured both in terms of funds raised for research in paraplegia and the commitment of volunteers and sponsors such as Alain Delon, Leslie Caron, Lambert Wilson, Grace de Capitani and Nicoletta.


Womanity  –  Charity Gala



Hosted by the prestigious Geneva Country Club in Bellevue, this gala dinner is held to support the international activities of The Womanity Foundation and welcomed an enthusiastic crowd of 870 guests on the night of 2-3 February 2012. A record amount of nearly CHF 1.5 million was collected during the evening and will be entirely dedicated to activities supporting disadvantaged women and girls conducted by the foundation in Afghanistan, Brazil, Haiti, India, Israel, Morocco and the West Bank. The administrative costs of the organization are completely covered by the founder and president, Yann Borgstedt.


Human Rights Watch



Human Rights Watch produces research reports on violations of international human rights norms as set out by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and what it perceives to be other internationally accepted human rights norms. These reports are used as the basis for drawing international attention to human rights abuse in order to pressure governments and international organizations to reform. Researchers conduct fact-finding missions to investigate suspect situations and generate coverage in local and international media. Issues raised by Human Rights Watch in its reports include social and gender discrimination, torture, military use of children, political corruption, abuses in criminal justice systems, and the legalization of abortion. Human Rights Watch documents and reports violations of the laws of war and international humanitarian law.


IRP  –  Drive-In



The IRP or international Foundation for Paraplegic Research supports research into paraplegia, an impairment in motor or sensory function of the lower extremities. We supported their event on 24 November 2012 date to manage an innovative cinema experience with one of our valued partners in Geneva- called the “IRP Drive-In”. A first of this type of event to be seen in Geneva organized by the IRP Foundation, was attended by more than 200 vehicles parked in the Palexpo Hall 6, where 350 people enjoyed a premiere of Benjamin Tobler film “Marc Ristori, from one second to the other” on a giant screen of 127 m2.

With this event the IRP Foundation wanted to stand out from traditional charity fundraisers to raise awareness about the causes of paraplegia.

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