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The new ISO standards in interpretation booths and equipment

Since 1998, ISO standards were established for simultaneous interpretation services around the globe, applying to rental equipment or permanent installations. These standards imposed by International Organizations have been revised in 2016, both to ensure quality and harmonize the type of equipment.

During the entire process of the 2016 revision of the ISO (that was almost twenty years old), the Chairman of the CRN – Congress Rental Network – as a specialist of our industry got very involved in defining these new standards.

The result is that the new document highlights basic aspects to be considered when designing and/or using mobile booths in order to offer ideal and safe conditions to interpreters and handlers:

• sound insulation
• good visual communication between interpreters, participants and projected material
• comfort
• light yet robust and easy to handle

All Congress Rental Network partners are required to have in their inventory a minimum of 5 ISO qualified booths to become and remain a member of the Network.

It is imperative, that the standards under which the CRN Members provide their services to their end clients, are maintained and followed in the highest level when renting simultaneous interpretation and conference equipment.

Should you need further information on the above and have any related questions to simultaneous interpretation or conference equipment standards, contact our Central Office at or any CRN member close to your base!

(article was put together with information obtained by the website)

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