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As a long-time supporter of the International Foundation for Research in Paraplegia (IRP), we are glad, this year again, to offer what we do best to help the foundation.

Since 2012, our brand is behind the full technical production of the annual Bal du Printemps, a charity gala dinner gathering some 500 guests and 100 partners, acting as the main source of revenue for the IRP.

We know that getting across the IRP message at charity events is vital to the fundraising effort. We keep the foundation objectives front and centre. We staged the event with a LED giant screen and a smart lighting concept, making possible for the IRP to communicate the right message to the audience whilst creating the perfect environment for fund raising and live entertainment.

Guests were immersed in an Italian piazza to experience the theme of the evening: the Dolce Vita. With 270 ° projection of powerful images and creative candelabras lighting, Dorier humbly contributed to the success of the IRP gala dinner that proudly reached a net profit of CHF 270’000.- through various auctions, donations and attractive raffle.

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