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For strategic reasons a major telecom firm decided to change the venue for the launch of a new product from Shanghai to Paris on short notice. There was only one month between the first site inspection of the Maison de la Mutualité in Paris until the day of the show in May.

Not only was the time-frame for pre-production short, the show was also very complex. It featured mechanical stage effects as well as 3D projection mapping of scenic décor elements for the stage backdrop and the sides of the venue. The Dorier team of project managers and technicians was up to the task.

More than 700 journalists from around the world were gathered to report on the event so thorough planning and attention to detail were vital. The event was extremely successful and a similar event for the same client will be held in Berlin.

We invite you to watch the time-lapse of this event below or to watch the Highlights by clicking here

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