Dorier Group


Hybrid Events

Multi-sites Conference & Interactive Webcast


Connect distant locations and enable interaction in real time and in HD. Your participants and stakeholders travel locally to multiple physical locations and interact virtually with the presenters and with each other.

Our technology eliminates time lag and offers participants a unique and dynamic live experience. Streaming a webcast from the main site.

Interactive Webcast

Create and produce a live or VOD webcast using state of the art technical tools and applications to promote interactivity among remote participants.

Our platform is perfectly suited to virtually extend your physical event so that your target audience will be able to attend your conference whenever and wherever they choose using any kind of internet connected device.

Interactivity Options

There are several different ways to set up the multiplex. The choice depends on the level of interactivity that you wish to provide…


  1. Streaming a webcast from the main site.
  2. Multiplex allowing secondary sites to exchange audibly with all of the other sites.
  3. Multiplex allowing secondary sites to be seen and heard by all other sites.
  4. Level 3 Multiplex with the addition possibility of having speakers at secondary sites and to distribute PPTs to all other sites.

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