GRF Stage

Global Refugee Forum

client UNHCR
categories Conference, Hybrid Event , Congress & Convention
country Switzerland
year 2023


For the UNHCR Global Refugee Forum 2023, Dorier was tasked with the critical role of technical production and operation. Collaborating closely with MCI Switzerland, we engineered a high-capacity setup to stage a global dialogue on refugee challenges. Our technical expertise permitted the involvement of 4,200 onsite participants from 168 countries and 10,000 online attendees. Key challenges included managing 600 live interpretation systems, operating 15 cameras with 300 presets, and deploying 11 booths for simultaneous interpretation in multiple languages, ensuring flawless live streaming.

GRF audience layout

« The event united 4,200 participants and leaders from 168 countries as well as 10,000 online attendees »

GRF 2023 Speaker
GRF is the world's largest gathering on refugees
GRF Backstage
15 Cameras, 300 presets, 600 live interpretation systems - No room for error

Scope of work

• Technical production
• Live video production
• Onsite management and operation


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