Investor Meeting in New York City

client Global technology company
categories Conference, Creative Technology, Content Creation
country USA
year 2022


Investor meetings are a catalyst for securing funding, forging connections, and accessing invaluable resources and expertise that drive a business's long-term success. They serve as a platform for companies to showcase their vision, strategy, and growth potential.

In the bustling city of New York, we embarked on a remarkable journey of multisensory experiences, taking center stage in the delivery of this extraordinary event. Unleashing our expertise in design, creative technology, and technical production, we skillfully delivered exceptional services to the 200 attendees on board, immersing them in an awe-inspiring concept carefully crafted by MCI.


« Unlock the power of immersion and discover limitless possibilities for engagement, connection, and unforgettable moments »

150+ investors guided through a multisensory experience
A snapshot of the investors' journey

Scope of work

• Design
• Technical production & direction
• Content creation
• Creative technology
• Onsite management



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