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client Action Innocence
categories Gala Dinner, Content Creation, PPT Design, Creative Technology
country Switzerland
year 2023


The curtain just fell on the Action Innocence Charity Gala Dinner, and it’s an entirely remodeled Gstaad airport that staged the black-tie event. To deliver their messages, the Foundation wished to appeal to people on a human level. And to tell about the battle they are leading and show the harsh reality of what happens on the Internet every day, technology itself isn’t enough to create the immersive experience that will emotionally involve the 400 guests. If you want a true immersion, you need to get the foundations right. That’s when you add design, content, and storytelling to the equation.

Video shooting or Action Innocence

«For 9 months, our design, production, content, and operation teams worked hand in hand with Action Innocence to create and deliver the right story.»

3D animated avatar creation
3D animated avatar creation
the audience helped raised an amazing 4.5 million that night
Deeply moved by the message, the audience helped raise an amazing 4.5 million Swiss franc that night

Scope of work

• Concept, Design & Content Creation
• Technical Production
• Onsite management and operation


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