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Inclusive Music Festival

client Société des Sourds de Genève
categories Celebration
country Switzerland
year 2023


Organized by the Société des Sourds de Genève, Vroom restaurant, and Open Geneva, it was a celebration of unity and accessibility. Live performances were hand signed to make music accessible for deaf and hearing-impaired people. Sponsor of this inspirational event and behind the full technical production, we firmly believe that bringing people together allows to collectively address issues faced by communities.

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«We are proud to have been part of the first inclusive music festival held in Geneva»

FIO Concert Inclusif 2023 (11).jpg
Our tech crew in the shadow ensuring the concert runs smoothly
FIO Concert Inclusif 2023 (19).jpg
The audience signs and vibrates alongside the artist

Scope of work

• Stage design
• Technical production
• Onsite management and operation

FIO Concert Inclusif 2023 (12).jpg

The public showing true celebration of unity and accessibility


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