Harness the power of perception

Design gives the opportunity to take your audience on a journey. Your brand journey.
The environments we imagine provide a frame to the story you have to tell, and ignite that spark that invite to delve deep into your message.

01. Venue & stage design

Centred on your audience, brand essence, and objectives, we create the vision of your project by crafting the right visual environment to stage your message.

Stage design proposition
Venue design proposition

02. Technical design

We inject technical expertise and discipline to translate a concept into technical plans that confirm that the experience is tangible and realizable.

3D technical plan
Floor plan & elevation plan

03. Booth design

We blend our love for design and technical skills to imagine the look and feel of the exhibition stand that best showcases your brand story, connect you to your customers, and get your message across.

Booth design - From conception to live
Picture of a booth design
Booth design proposition

What we can do for you

  • Stage design

  • Scenography & Spatial layout

  • Sound design & Lighting design

  • Graphic design & Backdrops

  • Interior design & Decoration

  • Creative & Ephemeral structure

  • 3D rendering


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