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We are architects, stage designers, production managers, CAD drawers, technical designers, sound engineers, creative technologists, graphic & motion designers, technicians, web3 specialists, video experts, lighting designers, streaming specialists, and we bring together the skills required to act on your behalf, in your best interest when you can't do the job yourself.

Consulting service

Is your next event taking place abroad? Are you lost in a technical minefield and in need for someone who speaks fluent AV to guide you through the whole process? We make our technical, audiovisual, digital, emotional and creative intelligence available, on request and à la carte. We become your eyes and ears, working with an unbiased eye as an extension of your team so you can focus on what you do best. And we save you time, money, and energy along the way.

Strategic consulting
Technical consulting

What we can do for you

  • RFP & Need Assessment

  • Sourcing, Negotiation & Purchase

  • Diagnostic & Recommendation

  • Venue technical assessment

  • Planning & Budget management

  • Drawings & Implementation Plans

  • Onsite coordination & Follow-up

  • Experiential activation

  • Experience design

  • Web3 strategy

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