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Technology is driving the industry forward. Working with a partner that keeps new trends constantly on its radar can make a difference. AV technology is our native language, and we know exactly what will provide a better user experience for your attendees and a better support for your message.

01. Audiovisual technology

Technology has the power to sharpen your message and unleash the full potential of your event. Driven by 45 years of experience, we bridge between ideas and technology to support live, virtual and hybrid events productions with outstanding service and extensive creativity.

3D LED screen stage
Infinity edge screen

02. Creative technology

Our story was born from innovation, our culture built on agility; so helping companies take strategic leaps is part of our DNA. With the will to go beyond R&D, we imagined a department to drive projects directly into the future. Made of Creative Technologists and Digital Designers, this Business Unit helps brands embrace the 4IR by recognizing and seizing the unique opportunities this path provides.

Taming the virtual world
Crafting MetaHumans

03. Permanent installations

We eat, breathe, and sleep audiovisual event technology. Installing and operating AV systems every single day, we know what we are talking about when we say what works best for which situation. We help Convention Centers, Companies, International Organizations, and any other venues to design tailored solutions that cater to the real needs of users and integrate them seamlessly in collaborative environments.

Bosch simultaneous interpretation system integration at UEFA
Discussion system integration in the conference room

What we can do for you

  • Live events, Virtual events, Hybrid events & Multi-site events

  • Projection, LED wall & Video mapping

  • Sound systems & Lighting

  • Congress content & speaker management

  • Simultaneous interpretation

  • Live streaming

  • Webinars

  • Immersive technologies

  • Interactive systems

  • Holograms, Metahuman, VR & AR

  • Digital design & installations

  • Web 3, Metaverse, NFT, Gamification, Tokenisation

  • Fixed installation & maintenance

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